Cabin Reno 2019

Creating Cozy Cabins

BCIT School of Construction and the Environment staff and students (Alex Hebert and Mary McWilliam) were onsite to complete final air tightness testing post-occupancy, and to monitor results after deep energy retrofit of our newly renovated cabins 5 and 6. The sign pictured here is an info-graphic of the deep energy retrofit and recognizes all of the sponsors for their generous support

The sustainability goals of the cabin renovation project are:

- To make cabins more energy efficient
- To lower energy costs
- To reduce maintenance requirements
- To create a healthier, more pleasant interior environment for occupants
- To reduce our environmental footprint

We are actively fundraising and seeking sponsors for renovations to the remaining four cabins and two of our cabins are slated for spring construction. Read further to learn more.

Cabin Enhancement Project builds momentum

Summer 2018 saw the successful completion of energy efficiency upgrades to Cabin #5 and #6. Plans are well underway for renovations to the remaining 4 cabins in 2019. 

Energy efficiency retrofits include new roofs and foundations, and high-efficiency windows and doors. Additionally, cabins will see enhancements to the exterior cladding, bathrooms, and ventilation systems to improve indoor air quality and occupant comfort.

Help us re-build a legacy for future generations!

Read our blog to learn more about this incredible project!

​We need your help!

There are 4 remaining cabins requiring renovations. With cabin 5 and 6 under our tool belt, we are keen to start on another one this fall. Please donate now to make this happen. Your donation will ensure school children have a cabin to call home for one of their most anticipated weeks of the year!

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Breathing new life into old cabins, naturally!

The cabin project is part of a multi-year campus revitalization that began with the construction of the LEED® Platinum BlueShore Financial Environmental Learning Centre in 2012. The well-being, safety and comfort of students and visitors continues to guide campus development and adaptive re-use of buildings. Ensuring best practices in sustainable design and construction, respecting the natural environment, and celebrating Cheakamus Centre’s unique history are key considerations in all campus renewal projects.

To learn more about the cabin project and opportunities for in-kind donations, sponsorships and naming opportunities please contact:

Sarah Bainbridge
Senior Development Officer