Experiential Outdoor Environmental Leadership 10

The four-credit EOEL 10 course provides opportunities for students to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills while gaining a deep understanding of environmental and ecological knowledge. The online portion of the course covers leadership skills and environmental learning unique to Outdoor School. When students come up to counsel, they get to practice these skills on-site. As student leadership counsellors, they will work with elementary students and guide them in such topics as wildlife habitat, fisheries biology, forest ecology, sustainable farming practices and animal husbandry.

You can download registration forms online or if you are currently enrolled in a North Vancouver School District secondary school, you can pick up the form from your school counsellor. Complete the form, and choose one of the following options: scan and email to: dlreg@sd44.ca, fax to: (604) 903-3334, or drop off at 3365 Mahon Avenue.