"Cheakamus Centre is regarded globally as one of the most important and progressive education centres in existence, and its diverse and unique curriculum is the envy of many."

Rob Bell-Irving, Community Advisor, Fisheries & Oceans Canada

Cheakamus Centre values responsible stewardship of this remarkable 420-acre ecological reserve, which includes the Dave Marshall Salmon Reserve. Together with conservation partners, Cheakamus Centre strives to protect the diverse natural communities that benefit a variety of wildlife species. Responsible stewardship requires thoughtful management. The maintenance, restoration, and enhancement of habitat and achieving a balance between interaction and protection on the site remain a key priority for Cheakamus Centre

Cheakamus Centre, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and various partners such as Bridge Coastal Restoration (BC Hydro), Squamish Watershed Society and Squamish Nation have been working together since 1981 to restore historic salmon habitat throughout the property. These projects are part of a large, multi-phased initiative to restore the side channel habitats of the Cheakamus River which provide secure refuges for salmon from the winter floods common on the Cheakamus River. These restored habitats support thousands of spawning chum, coho, pink, chinook, steelhead and sockeye salmon each season. This biologically rich portion of the watershed called "Paradise Valley" provides critically important habitat for overwintering populations of bald eagles which depend on the salmon for a food supply. As a result of these successful partnerships, Cheakamus Centre now has the most restored side-channels in the Squamish Watershed.